Data Volume in Enterprise Applications and JPA Most Enterprise applications are dealing with significant amounts of data, typically managed in a transactional manner where SQL is still the persistence management of choice, sometimes combined with NoSQL databases depending on requirements. Java Persistence API (JPA) greatly improved developer efficiency, removing some […]

Automatic database index creation with the Java Persistence API

I recently ran into issues getting ZWave to run on openHAB 2 on my new hardware: an Odroid C2. I added the ZWave binding to the openHAB installation, provided the port of the ZWave USB Stick in the configuration settings and… nothing happened. openHAB insisted that the „Port /dev/ttyUSB1 does […]

openHAB + ZWave: solving the „Port … does not exist“ ...

This article will describe one (of possible many) solutions for solving the Fisher & Thompson Job Shop Scheduling Problem. I will use the FT10 data set, which consists of 10 machines 10 jobs with 10 steps each Each job consists of many steps, that need to be processed in a […]

Solving Fisher Thompson FT10 with Optaplanner

I recently released a „j-lawyer.BOX 2“ – a Linux based server with the case management software pre-installed – based on Odroid HC1. Until now, there was a j-lawyer.BOX 1 based on Odroid C2 which has proven to be very reliable. Two pilot users / customers mentioned they were facing […]

Java process crashing on Odroid HC1 / XU4

This article will describe how to use Optaplanner for job shop scheduling, using automated Caipirinha manufacturing as an example. (By Christian „VisualBeo“ Horvat [CC BY-SA 2.0 de (], from Wikimedia Commons) Introduction The Problem Let’s assume you are running a high volume, fully automated Caipirinha bar. Making Caipirinha involves the […]

Caipirinha the Industry 4.0 way – Job Shop Scheduling with ...

Being a Java backend developer (primarily), I am struggling to keep pace with all those JavaScript frameworks for UI development. Also, I love staying in Java APIs and object models „as long as I can“ before turning to some additional frontend technology layer. There are a few options that meet […]

Statistical Process Control with ZK (ZKOSS)